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Illumi-Charger wins 3rd place in this year's 2010 Greener Gadgets Design Competition

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Beyond "On-The-Go" Solar Charging:

A common complaint with portable solar device charging was the charging time. Users wanted to quickly charge their device using solar power, but were unwilling to wait during the charging process. The Illumi-Charger, on the other hand, uses this weakness as a strength.

If one were to expose a solar garden light to light energy and expect to have it charged within 10 minutes, they would surely be disappointed. However, if one were to leave the garden light exposed to light energy for 8 hours (as designed), they will have plenty of illumination in the evening to enjoy their nightly activities. When you have a unit on your wall collecting indoor light energy non-stop, this energy adds up in the same way, providing all the necessary charging energy a device owner would ever need. Again, this is usable grid-free energy that requires no effort or mechanical energy by the user.

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Interested in licensing the IllumiCharger?
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The IllumiCharger | Light-Powered USB Wall Outlet

Consumers Worldwide Can Now Charge Their USB Devices for Free! The IllumiCharger Collects and Stores Energy From Interior Lighting to Provide Free Charging Power to USB Devices in the same fashion that solar classroom calculators power themselves.

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- Placed in the Top 3 in the largest Annual Green Conference, the Greener Gadgets Design Competition which took place on February 25th, 2010 in New York City.

- Placed in the Top 50 most supported ideas in GE's Ecomagination challenge.

- Placed in the Top 25 in OG25's Product Design Competition.

- Continues to receive accolades from mainstream press around the world, including: Discovery, Huffington Post, Mother Nature Network, CNET, Yahoo Finance, Inhabitat, and more (see Twitter feed for latest news).

- Continues to be sought after for major distribution all around the world.

The Illumi-Charger gadget preserves all natural resources associated with current electricity production for device charging, provides free recycled charging power to consumers, and provides an astounding boost to the economy by putting all electricity costs previously associated with device charging back into the consumers' pockets. All of these profound benefits come from this single green gadget & brings this generation closer to pure eco-friendly living.

Over 6 billion portable devices were purchased in 2009. Before the Illumi-Charger, these devices were dependent on grid power and wall chargers to provide the electricity to be recharged and operated on a daily basis. This energy adds up in astounding abundance. The Illumi-Charger is the first gadget to be capable of eliminating this global energy usage in its entirety.

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The intended use and purpose of the Illumi-Charger is to provide absolutely grid-free electricity for all USB devices including; cell phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, and the like. The Illumi-Charger achieves this unprecedented feat by recycling light energy that permeates in any indoor space that has luminescence provided by fluorescent, compact fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent lighting.

As solar calculators (available in every Walmart or drug store) utilized the light energy inside our school classrooms to power themselves, so too does the Illumi-Charger utilize this valuable and abundant energy source. The Illumi-Charger provides the most enhanced 'recyclability' possible in a gadget, as it provides reusable electricity from light energy dismissed from all traditional lighting sources around the globe.

Product Specifications:

  • 2 USB Inputs to Charge Cell Phones, Mp3 Players, and Any Other USB
    Personal Electronic Devices!

  • 100% Grid-less Electricity for USB Device Charging!

  • Charging speed:  USB Standard - 5v @ 500mah - 9600 mah capacity

Patent Pending

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